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Ductable Split AC

Extraordinary things don’t just happen by chance. They are the result of proficient thinking, relentless hard word and an endless quest for excellence. Take our Ductable ACs for instance. Our engineers work tirelessly with our clients (HLL, Tanishq & Webside ,to name a few) to chalk out cooling solutions that fit their specific requirements.

Ductable Air Conditioners

Ductable Air Conditioners

So, be it the dynamics of cooling large spaces or long working hours, aesthetics or servicing issues, our engineers think of all this and much more. The result is that every Voltas Ductable AC is designed to perform under testing conditions.

This quality of engineering with a sense of craft is what makes Voltas Ductable ACs stand apart from the competition.

The Hong Kong International Airport, the Etisalat in Sharjah, the Siu Hong and Tuen Mun metro station in Hong Kong, the new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, the super-luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabim the mall of the Emirates in Dubai and the upcoming Bahrain City Centre now stand as proof of our global expertise in air conditioning.

In every business segment, the single largest AC project has been by Voltas. So, the next time you want a dependable cooling solution, choose the one that sets the benchmark.

Ductable Split Air Conditioners

Product Features

  • Sleek and compact design with ultra-low height makes them easy to install in the most constrained locations, thereby saving space.

  • Ample airflow ensures adequate supply of cool air to even the farthest corners

  • Silent operation

  • Fitted with an electronically controlled pendant/wireless remote with self-diagnostic feature.

  • Easy to service and maintain

  • Heat pump model also available against specific orders.

  • Higher capacity models have a dual fan condensing unit with bigger coil size for greater airflow this ensures better heat exchange, higher EER and lower noise level

Available Models

  • 1.5T with Reciprocating Compressor

  • 2.5T with Reciprocating Compressor.

  • 3T with Reciprocating /Scroll Compressor

  • 5.5T with Scroll Compressor

  • 7.5T with Semi-Hermatic Compressor

  • 8.75T with Twin Scroll Compressor

  • 11t with Twin Scroll Compressor

  • 17.5T with Twin Scroll Compressor.

Benefits of Scroll Compressor Technology

Lifelong Performance Ensured

A strong galvanised steel body, powder coated in a sophisticated in-house plant, offers maximum corrosion resistance. International quality expansion valves are used for optimal refrigerant feed and extended compressor life. This makes your Venture Ductable AC work for you, year after year.

Other Benefits

Scroll technology along with fewer moving parts ensures:

  • Long Life

  • Reliable operation

  • Low noise

Ensures Minimum Power Bills

With a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and well designed refrigeration system, these intelligent machines save at least 11% on your power bills annually. And that’s just the beginning. Because with these saving, over a period of time, you earn back the money you’ve invested in a Venture Ductable AC.

Ensures Maximum Efficiency

With all the refrigeration system component intelligently enhanced, your Venture Ductable AC extracts the full energy efficiency from the Scroll Compressors. This makes saving on your power bills and peak efficiency possible.

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