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Contura 4G Cassette AC

DX Mini Split Air Conditioners

Contura 4G Comfort Solutions. Trane’s global reputation for innovation, excellence and reliability finds full expression in the new range of mini-split air-conditioners for the home.

Each model in the range comprises the optimum blend of quality, advanced technology, attractive design, outstanding value and solid reliability.

DX Mini Split Air Conditioners

Cassette Series - Under Ceiling Type, MCC/MWC, 50 Hz R22/R410a

Contura 4G Cassette, DX Mini Split Air Conditioners

is one of the leading manufactures of air-conditioning products in the world. Trane has a history of excellence and advanced technology which has resulted in Trane’s reputation for quality and reliable products.

Contura 4G Cassette, DX Mini Split Air Conditioners


All major components are individually inspected and tested, and every unit undergoes an run-test, prior to shipment from the factory.

  • Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin (STD for all indoor * HP Outdoors).

  • Multi-Bend Heat Exchanger.

  • Valve Protection Cover.

  • Trapeziform innergroove copper.


Cassette Series - Under Ceiling Type, MCC/MWC, 50 Hz R22/R410a


Special Features

  • Slim and attractive design

  • Stylish design that blends with any type of interior decoration to create an elegant setting.

  • Fresh air capability leading to a healthier.

  • Multi-Stage louver design for better air distribution. Inner configuration designed for better efficiency.

  • Four Speed blower fan motor for special air flow design, for ceilings over 3 meters high.

  • Innovative panel design with LED display for unit operations and diagnostic error codes.

  • Built-in water pump with a 750 mm pumping head.

  • 3-D scroll fan design, for quiet operation.

  • Golden Fin available as optional.

High Efficiency Condensing Unit

  • Compact in size for easy installation in small spaces.

  • Galvanized steel with a silver-grey powder paint finish for corrosion resistance.

  • High efficiency with low noise levels.


High Efficiency Condensing Unit




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