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Split System Air Conditioners

YUKON - Human Comfort Solutions. Trane is proud to present its complete line of Tall Floor split system air conditioners. This system has been carefully designed and manufactured according to Trane Worldwide Quality Standards to provide you with years of comfortable, convenient cooling with minimal service required.

YUKON Tall Floor split system air conditioners

Yukon - Tall Floor Type, 36,000-120,000 Btu/h, MCV Series 50/60 Hz

The benefits of a system have been extended to a broader range of sizes, making Yukon the perfect solution for your new or replacement application.

YUKON Tall Floor split system air conditioners

Comfort and Reliability

  • Full Capacity.

  • Energy Saving

  • Washable Filter

  • Low Maintenance


All major components are individually inspected and tested, and ever unit undergoes a run-test prior to shipment from the factory.

High Efficiency

  • Compact in size for easy installation into small spaces.

  • Galvanized steel with a powder paint finish for corrosion resistance.

YUKON Tall Floor split system air conditioners

Digital Control

With microprocessor and digital technology, Yukon provides accurate room temperature control with a numerical temperature display.

YUKON Tall Floor split system air conditioners


The power button is used to turn the air conditioner on and off operating according to the last program stored in the non-volatile memory.

The display unit will show

  • Room temperature in degrees Celsius.

  • Fan Speed.


The TEMP + and Temp buttons are used to adjust the set temperature from 150c 300c. when the button is pressed, the control unit will display the set temperature (Blinking) instead of the room temperature. After the processes finished, it will revert back to the room temperature within 4 seconds.


Fan speed (Auto, High, Medium or Low) can be selected by pressing the FAN button.

Auto Fan

Fan speed can be put in the AUTO mode so that the fan speed will change automatically depending on the difference between the room and set temperature. If the difference is large, it will operate at High Speed for faster cooling.

As the difference becomes Smaller, the fan speed will be changed automatically to Medium and then Low as indicated by the position of the fan speed LED indicator.

Time Delay

A 3-minute time delay protects against power interruptions and rapid compressor cycling which could damage the air conditioning unit.


When the power flickers, the digital control will continue to operate according to the last program stored in memory.

Freeze Protection

The freeze protection function will protect coil form freezing by turning off the compressor and operating the unit at a low fan speed to defrost the coil.


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